lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Efecto, Afecto. Intervention Installation

O+O Gallery, Valencia

September 21 through,october 13, 2012
Opening Reception, Friday, September 21/ 2012, Friday from 20:00 pm.



The Gallery O+O, (Orient+ Occident) Valencia, Spain, begins the 2012 season program with the individual exhibition of  PS3* aka Pedro Sanchez III . 
Multidisciplinary artist Madrid born and settled in New York for many years, he lived also a few years in Japan, and exhibited in cities like Tokyo, New York, Madrid, Valencia (Spain) and London. 

Aesthetic of Negativity, the reversal of the utopia, where the performance naked of its own attributes, to a certain extent, the impossibility to be representational in the commercial value and at the same time, searching a space not to be contained in the margins of a cultural condition, where ideologies and strategies have merged a cultural conformism of liberal opposition more likely surrendered to the cultural economic productivity which creates a marginal space for idiosincrasias out of sink". 

Disobeying the norms that for very obvious reasons reflect the conservative logic of its underlying economic(economical) values. he is a committed artist and an artist who integrates his creations with the times in which we live. An artist who makes us reflect, think, something fundamental between other things that presents the art, and the power of transformation to challenge things. 
'This multidisciplinary project is a complex body of work with a new experience that had never been consolidated as presentation of the work of PS3 * before, which mutates and evolves in response to its own evolution," says the artist.
Who´s work moves along a wide range of media, from rather huge installations of ephemeral construction to oil paintings on canvas, through photography and moving image movies created on digital format, video. A reflective and plastic experimentation where the articulation of space becomes a volatile game. Installations created with recycled materials, including photographs, video screening projections and painting of abstract language that plays with balance and a grayish color gamut creating disturbing tension, are a good example of the richness of this new project that mixes essays, research and previous work with new proposals.

Different geometric shapes, materials, textures, brackets... open to all kinds of reflections on poverty, habitability, society, economy, environment, political... A courageous Artist in its alternatives forms challenging the artistic model representation.